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Optical viewfinder gives the possibility to define appropriately the limits of the taken object. The proper position of he panoramic camera is controlled by the use of the air bubble seen in the field of view of the viewfinder. Shift the bubble up or down you’re going to have an ordinary special effect.
Uses usual 35 mm standard film
Camera has the increased exposure time range from 1 sec as much as 1/250
Exposure time allows shooting under conditions of illumination and at night.
Built in bubble level for correct position of he panoramic camera
Shift the bugle up or down you’re going to have an ordinary effect.

Built-in Lens: The MC 28mm f/2,8 lens with the improved optical characteristics
Frame size: 24×58 mm perforated 35 mm film
Collection of Frames: 22 (with the usual film length in a cassette of 1,65m)
Angular Field of Lens: 120 horizontal and 45 vertical
Shutter Speeds: 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250 sec
Sighting Device: field of view 110 x 44 eyepiece magnification 0.4x
Depth of Lens Field:
n=2,8 5,5 m – Infinity n=4,0 3,9 m – Infinity n=5,6 2,9 m – Infinity n=8,0 2,0 m – Infinity n=11,0 1,5 m – Infinity n=16,0 1,0 m – Infinity
Other Features:
the winding lever
the built-in viewing device
the optical level in the field of view of the viewer
the level accuracy is 5
tripod bush thread 1/4 ”
Overall Dimensions: 117,5x146x73mm
Weight: 0,750 kg

The basic Horizon S3 Pro camera kit includes:

* Horizon S3 Pro Panoramic Camera
* Take care of
* Nylon pouch case
* UV, yellow-green, and neutral density filters for the lens
* Neck strap
* Case
* Packing box
* English Manual
Horizon 203 S3 PRO is a special camera with a rotating non-intercheangable built-in lens for taking panorama pictures
Exposure time range from 1 as much as 1/250sec.
Takes quite a lot of pictures on black-and-white and color 35mm films
The camera is light, strongly built and highly ergonomic, could easily be hold iunder the quite a lot of taking conditions
Durable exposure times allow shooting under conditions of low illumination and at night

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