Mint Hasselblad 503CXi, Late A12, 150mm CF Lens, CLA May 2017

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It is a Unique opportunity to acquire one of the crucial best Hasselblad 503CXi complete system guaranteed in perfect cosmetic and working condition. The camera body and the A12 back (matching insert) were serviced and went through a CLA in May 2017 . They operate at factory specifications. It is a $350+ value by itself! Producing images of 200Mb each when scanned from film, any 503CXi will put to shame the perfect of Leica, Nikon or Canon. This camera system IS NOT sold “as is”: The camera, back and lens are covered by our warranty and return policy. The 503CXi is a top model from Hasselblad, one of the crucial best cameras they made. It shares many features with the 503CW Like the 503CW, the 503CXi is equipped with the TTL OTF flash metering, allowing fully automatic flash operations. The 503CXi also has the winder capability, the use of the same winder as the 503CW. This camera has been kept as a backup by an amateur, not a heavy Pro user, only used a couple of times per year to keep it in good condition. The camera has been upgraded with a late A12 magazine and a superb Hasselblad Acute Matte 42165 focusing screen. It is a $250 value Ideal for low light conditions or when the use of a long lens, This screen makes focusing much easier, faster and accurate. The Acute Matte types are the brightest screens Hasselblad made. One of the crucial important parts to check is the plate where the back attaches: when abused, you have light leaks. The plate of this camera shows no sign of use! The included Carl Zeiss 150mm CF T* lens is incredibly sharp, with pristine glass. This lens has been the favorite lens of fashion magazines and other top of the range publications for 30 years. Much better than the usual 80mm lens. From portraits to nature, this lens has produced among the finest pictures published all over the world for more than 40 years!
MINT HASSELBLAD 503CXi Camera, CLA May 2017
Hasselblad Zeiss 150mm CF lens
Late Hasselblad A12 Magazine with matching insert
All manuals

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